What could an actor be thinking about as he stares at the women depicted on canvas? They look somewhat depressed – quite different from the cheerful beauties he has romanced on the screen. But Prasenjit Chatterjee is experienced enough to know both the lively personalities witnessed on the screen and the sober faces spread across the lobby of the Stadel that organised a celebration of canvas women in many moods were part of the imagination that makes such experiences so enjoyable.

The hotel proposes to give visitors a taste of creative work as part of their introduction to a city that holds diverse interests. No wonder the week- long event that saw the Tollygunge actor discovering an engaging self- portrait of Paritosh Sen and distorted images from Jogen Chowdhury&’s studio also found magician PC Sorcar cracking jokes on how he could add his own colours to the deft strokes that he saw around him. Altogether, the show had a large collection which was a pleasing tribute to the complex identity of the Indian woman – and a treat for art lovers.