Liverpool to blame for Virgil van Djik saga: Jamie Carragher

Liverpool icon Jamie Carragher (Photo: Facebook)

The Reds on Wednesday issued a formal apology to Southampton regarding their pursuit of van Djik.


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Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher in a series of tweets has slammed his old club for failing to handle their pursuit of Southampton defender Virgil van Djik properly, in the wake of the club making an official apology to Southampton. 

“Only person at Liverpool who should apologise is the person who fed the story he wanted to come to LFC when no fee had been agreed,” the former centre-back, now a pundit, tweeted.

When a fan replied to the tweet, Carragher followed up his original tweet with: “I'm blaming the person at LFC who fed it to the local press!”

The 39-year-old followed it up with a third and final tweet “Soton won't be bothered LFC spoke to player/agent before them as they & all clubs do it. But will be with LFC for feeding that fact to press.”

Carragher is a highly-rated pundit, having had a hugely successful career with the Reds and his insights, once again, have proved to be second to none. What he has brought to light is that majority of, if not all, top-flight clubs engage in ‘illegal approaches’ when trying to recruit new talent.