You won't believe what Saif Ali Khan is obsessed with?

Actor Saif Ali Khan

At a time when web series is becoming extremely popular, Bollywood actors couldn't help but take a break from cinemas and soaps to try out web series. And Saif Ali Khan is one of them!

At a recent event, Saif exclusively spoke about the evolution of Indian cinema and the advent of web content.

Not many know people that Saif Ali Khan is a web series junkie.

According to sources close to the actor, Saif has developed a new liking towards the new format of entertainment that the platform has to offer. He has been hooked to a good cinema and this format for a while.

Now, with an advent of digital content, he is exploring all genres, including documentaries and content from across the globe. 

Saif, when free, is hooked onto we series. He has a voracious appetite for new age content. He is experimental in his watching habits. He doesn't stick to a genre or kind of cinema, sources said.. 

On the work front, the actor is busy shooting for Chef, which is slated to release this year.


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