Hindu temple in Canada vandalised
TORONTO, 27 JUNE: A Hindu temple in Canada has been vandalised by two men armed with baseball bats, outraging the country’s minority community which termed it as a “hate crime”. Video recordings show the men smashed three windows at the front entrance of the Laxmi Narayan Temple on 23 June in Surrey, British Columbia. pti
US boss released from China plant
BEIJING, 27 JUNE: A US company boss has been released after he and a union representative say a pay dispute was resolved with the Chinese workers who had been detaining him at a Beijing plant. Chip Starnes said today, a deal was reached overnight to pay the scores of workers who had demanded severance packages similar to ones given to laid-off co-workers in a phased-out division, even though the company said the remaining workers weren’t being laid off. ap
Mongolia president celebrates poll win
ULAN BATOR, 27 JUNE: President Tsakhia Elbegdorj invoked Mongolia’s warrior hero Genghis Khan today as he celebrated winning a second term in elections defined by a debate over inequality in a nation enjoying a mining bonanza. Thousands of supporters of the former journalist, who helped throw off decades of communist rule, sang democratic songs in the capital’s Soviet-style square as he delivered a victory speech. afp
Fire after tanker crash in Kazakh city
ALMATY, 27 JUNE: A huge fire erupted in Kazakhstan’s biggest city of Almaty today when a petrol tanker burst into flames after crashing on a busy residential street, killing the driver and setting fire to eight other vehicles.
The Almaty municipality said in a statement that dozens of people were evacuated from a neighbouring apartment block as the flames and black smoke spread high into the sky. afp
Youngest ever to join Mensa
London, 27 June: A two-year-old toddler in UK has become the youngest ever member of the genius club Mensa, after he scored an incredible 141 on an IQ test. Adam Kirby scored 141 in the IQ test that reportedly ranked him smarter than US President Barack Obama and British Premier David Cameron. The toddler was invited to join the elite group after demonstrating his ability to read Shakespeare and understand Japanese, Spanish and French, the Daily Express reported. pti