President Donald Trump announced on Monday that he will make public his decision on Tuesday on whether to withdraw from the nuclear accord signed by several big world powers with Iran in 2015.

“I will be announcing my decision on the Iran Deal tomorrow from the White House at 2.00 p.m,” the President posted on Twitter.

French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson have come to Washington in recent days to bring pressure on Trump to keep the US in the accord.

Britain has appealed to Trump not to abandon the Iran nuclear deal asserting that it is not perfect there is no better alternative. The call came in an op-ed piece in The New York Times that was signed by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, ahead of a meeting with officials from the US administration in Washington on Monday.

Trump has threatened to withdraw from the agreement when it comes up for renewal on May 12, demanding his country’s European allies “fix the terrible flaws” in it or he will re-impose sanctions on Iran that were eased under the historic accord.

The nuclear deal was struck in 2015 among Iran and Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States, then led by Barack Obama.

Under the pact, sanctions were eased in return for a commitment from Iran not to pursue a nuclear bomb, but Iran says it is not reaping the rewards despite complying with the deal.

The President has said on several occasions that he will withdraw from the pact if it is not revised, and he is demanding that Iran’s ballistic missile systems and its influence in the Middle East be limited as part of any new or revised deal.

Meanwhile, Iranian President Hasan Rohani warned on the weekend that the US will quickly regret it if it abandons the nuclear accord, at the same time that he reiterated his opposition to negotiating a new pact.

(With inputs from agencies)