10 killed in Pakistan: At least 10 people, including two bomb disposal officers, were killed in two separate incidents in Pakistan’s restive northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province on Monday.   PTI
18 Taliban killed: Security forces have killed 18 Taliban and lost five of their own troops in operations. The Wardak provincial governor’s office said 16 Taliban were killed and two arrested in a 24-hour operation.   AP
Islamist group ban: Two Islamist groups ~ UK-based Minbar Ansar Deen and Nigeria-based radical sect Boko Haram ~  will be banned in Britain, making membership and support for them a criminal offence.     PTI
9 die in bus mishap: A bus careened off a central Spanish highway and smashed into a safety barrier on Monday, killing nine people and injuring at least 15. Passengers were trapped inside the bus.    AFP
Yemeni officer killed: Gunmen shot dead a high-ranking Yemeni army officer on Monay in the country’s southeastern Hadramawt province as he was heading to work, a military official said. AFP
33 dead in China: At least 33 people were killed while 14 others went missing in the rainstorm-triggered natural disasters in 21 provincial-level regions in China, authorities here said on Monday. PTI