The Russian military aircraft started manufacturing the Sukhoi Su-57 fighter aircraft on Wednesday, Russia’s first alleged indigenously designed and developed fifth-generation stealth fighter jet, according to the office of Russian Deputy prime minister, Yuri Borisov.

In a press release quoted by TASS news agency, the vice-premier’s office stated that Sukhoi of United Aircraft Corporation has begun fulfilling the terms of a contract signed by UAC and the Russian government at the “Army-2019″ forum, which took place last month outside of Moscow.

“A state contract was signed at the Army 2019 international arms exhibition between the Defense Ministry of Russia and the Sukhoi Company for the delivery of a batch of Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jets. The Sukhoi has started to fulfil its contractual obligations,” the statement said.

Last month, during a visit to the UAC Komsomolk-on-Amur aircraft plant in the Russian Far East, Deputy Defence Minister Alexey Krivoruchko had stated that the facility is ready to begin mass-producing the Su-57 fighter jet.

The Russian Air Force was expected to receive two Su-57s prototypes by the end of 2019 and two more aircraft in 2020.

However, it is likely that the two aircraft will not be delivered in a serial configuration. Full-scale mass production is not expected to kick off until 2020.

In May, Russian President Vladimir Putin had declared that the Russian Air Force will procure a total of 76 Su-57s by 2028.

Last year, the Russian MoD had announced in 2018 that it will not mass-produce the Su-57.

The fifth-generation stealth Su-57, formerly known as T-50 is a single-seat twin-engine jet featuring super manoeuvrability and supersonic flight capability.

After having made its maiden flight in January 2010, the Su-57 completed its first test flight with a new-generation engine in December 2017.