As festive time is around, attending festive celebrations and parties calls for new and interesting makeup to look your best. But, after the thrill is gone, you are exhausted and all you want to do is plonk on the bed as you reach home. But, remember, you have to remove that makeup. You cannot go to sleep without removing the makeup you have on your face.

No doubt, you can remove all that layers of cosmetics on your soft skin using a makeup remover. But most of us are unaware that they contain harmful chemicals that can damage the skin.

Makeup remover can be harsh on the skin even if they are of the best brands in the cosmetic world. If you have sensitive skin and love to pamper it with natural products, then here is a few do-it-yourself makeup removal tips

Remove makeup the easy way

Steaming: Steaming the face is the best way to get rid of makeup. Dip a hand towel in hot water. Let it cool for a few seconds. Place it on your face. The hot steam will open the pores and remove all your makeup thoroughly.

Baby oil: Baby oil can also be used to get rid of even hard makeup like mascaras. Apply this oil with a dry cotton ball on your face and wipe it off with a soft tissue or towel.

Vaseline: Put some vaseline on a cotton ball. Rub it gently to remove makeup. Especially the eye makeup can be cleared very effectively by using vaseline. Take vaseline in very less quantity because of its high stickiness and don’t forget to wash your face with a face wash after applying vaseline.

Baby lotion: Baby lotion or your moisturiser can also help remove even the very hard makeup effectively, leaving your skin nourished.

Milk: Dip a cotton ball in milk and lightly squeeze it. Clean your face gently with it. All the makeup will disappear.

Honey drops: Take a wet cotton ball. Put some drops of honey on it. Add little baking soda. Wipe off your makeup. It will disappear easily.

Baby wipes: Baby wipes can also help remove makeup and clean your face gently, without irritating your skin.

Olive oil: Olive oil having strong hydrating power and is good to remove makeup. Give your face a light rubbing with a cloth or cotton ball containing olive oil. Its softening agents will leave your skin moisturised.

Keeping makeup on while sleeping is the worst thing you can do to your skin. Don’t sleep without removing your makeup before going to bed. Let your skin breathe and renew while you sleep.