The US has a “very good” relationship with India and a lot of things are happening between the two countries, US President Donald Trump said on Friday.

Trump, who has accepted an invitation from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to travel to India, said that he would be going there at some point of time.

“We have a lot of things happening with India. We have a very good relationship with India,” Trump told reporters on the South Lawns of the White House when asked about the progress in his trade deal with India.

Trump, during his meeting with PM Modi in New York in September, said the two countries are working on a trade deal.

Officials from both India and the US have said that the work is in progress and are hoping to ink it before the end of the year.

“We are dealing with India on a lot of different things,” Trump said in response to questions. However, he did not elaborate.

Prime Minister Modi “is a very good friend of mine,” Trump said as he referred to the historic ”Howdy Modi” event in Houston in September.

Trump flew to Houston to join PM Modi in addressing more than 50,000 Indian-Americans.

It was “great”, the President said.

Asked about his plans to visit India, he said: “I will be going at some point to India”.

Following the “Howdy, Modi” event, Trump last met PM Modi for a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the UNGA for about 40 minutes.

Meanwhile, Trump has on a number of occasions attempted to play the peacemaker between India and Pakistan on the Kashmir issue. However, India has rejected the idea right from the beginning

India has categorically told the international community that the scrapping of Article 370 to revoke the special status of Jammu and Kashmir was an internal matter and also advised Pakistan to accept the reality.

(With PTI inputs)