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ISLAMABAD, 14 JUNE: A 22-year-old law student, son of a dismissed Pakistan Army officer, has been arrested in connection with the killing of a senior prosecutor handling sensitive cases, including the Benazir Bhutto assassination and the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, police said today.
Abdullah Umar, a student of the International Islamic University of Islamabad who had links with the Taliban, was arrested yesterday after an intensive probe, Islamabad Police chief Bin Yamin Khan said.
Umar is the son of former Pakistan Army Colonel Khalid Abbasi who was dismissed from service for links with a banned terror group.
Mr Khan confirmed the arrest of Umar and said police had busted a terrorist network that was involved in several attacks in Rawalpindi and the federal capital.
Other officials said they had uncovered evidence linking Umar to the assassination of prosecutor Chaudhry Zulfiqar Ali in Islamabad on 3 May.
Reports said Umar was paralysed below the waist due to a bullet fired by the prosecutor’s bodyguard that had hit his spine.
He was arrested in a private hospital here.
The interrogation of two suspects, traced with the help of fingerprints found in a taxi used in the murder, led the police to Umar.
Some media reports said Umar was also involved in an attack on a mosque in Rawalpindi frequented by army officers and their relatives.
That attack in December 2009 killed nearly 40 people.
Ali, who was handling the Benazir Bhutto assassination case and Mumbai attacks case for the Federal Investigation Agency, was gunned down by unidentified armed men near his home in Islamabad. His relatives and colleagues said he had spoken about receiving threats from unidentified persons.
Umar’s father Colonel Khalid Abbasi faced court martial in 2003 for links with al-Qaeda and was dismissed from service, Dawn News reported.
The report further said Umar, too, had links with the al-Qaeda.