A North Korean soldier defected to the South on Thursday through the border separating the two countries defence officials said.nbsp;

The soldier crossed the frontier through the Korean Demilitarised Zone DMZ on foot and unarmed a spokesperson from the Defence Ministry told EFE news.nbsp;

He added South Korea has opened an investigation to find out details of the defection including what led to it.nbsp;

The South’s armed forces posted near the border have also raised their alert owing to the possibility of a quot;provocationquot; from the North’s army in retaliation to the defection he stated.nbsp;

The DMZ a strip of land with tight security on both sides is a rare choice of place to flee from North Korea to South Korea and only 60 dissidents including both civilians and military personnel from the Kim Jong-un-led country have managed to make the crossover since 2010.nbsp;

The last North Korean soldier to have made the passage through the DMZ was in June last year in a week-long journey through the forest in order to escape the beatings he received in the North’s Army.nbsp;

In the last few years between 1000 to 3000 North Koreans including soldiers have crossed over to the South but mostly through North Korea’s northern border with China.nbsp;