The Rashtriya Lok Samata Party (RLSP) has questioned Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar&’s earlier promise of banning liquor sale in the state, saying his ‘Vision Document’ for the state made no mention of it.

The Vision Document was released on Friday.

“Nitish had promised a ban on the sale of liquors in Bihar, but it has been found missing in his vision document,” RSLP national secretary Seema Saxena told

Nitish on July 10 announced to ban liquor sale in the state, during his address at a ‘Village Dialogue Programme’ in Patna in response to demands made by some women in the state. 

“Why would the people of Bihar repose their faith in his government when it has failed to fulfill several promises during his 10-year tenure?” Saxena asked.

Saxena dared the chief minister to explain why he did not implement his vision for Bihar during his long tenure and said, “Nitish must tell the people why he kept on waiting for the assembly elections to present his vision document instead of implementing it during his tenure?” 

Also raising Nitish&’s promises of spending Rs.59,300 crore on education sector to improve the higher education system in Bihar, Saxena said, “In the last 10 years, not a single medical or engineering college came up in Bihar. He did not focus on the poor education system of the state which was worst hit due to shortage of teachers.”

“Now, he is also promising to provide electricity to every household in the next five years. This he promised during the 2010 elections,” Saxena added.