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Kim Jong-un in ‘vegetative state’, China medical team to reach North Korea

Kim Jong-un

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (Photo: AFP)

North Korea’s top leader Kim Jong-un is reportedly to be in a ‘vegetative state’ as his health appears could be more serious than initially believed, according to the Japanese media.

Earlier this week, the North Korean leader was gravely ill following heart surgery.

China had dispatched a team to North Korea to advise on Kim’s health, the media report further said.


On April 23, US President Trump rejected reports that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was ailing and criticized his frequent nemesis CNN for running the story.

Trump’s denial of the report came two days after he declined to comment, saying only that he wished Kim well.

On Thursday, the Chinese Communist Party’s International Liaison Department departed for North Korea.

South Korea, which is still technically at war with the North, earlier said it could not confirm the reports on Kim and reported no unusual movements in its neighbor.

Pyongyang marked the birthday of its late founder, Kim’s grandfather Kim Il Sung, on April 15 — by far the most important date in its annual political calendar. Kim was not seen in attendance.

The North Korean leader Kim Jong- Un is the Supreme leader of North Korea after he took over in 2011 when his father and late leader Kim Jong-il died.