Kim Jong-un

Japan Rearms

Last year, despite the pandemic related slowdown, the defense spending went up by an impressive 15 per cent, from the previous year.

Kim issues special order on medicine supply against Covid outbreak

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un rebuked officials for failing to deliver medicine to its people in time amid the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak and ordered the mobilisation of military personnel to stabilise the supply of medicine in Pyongyang, state media said on Monday.

10 years on, Kim’s shadow lengthens over peninsula

Kim Jong-un is no longer an item in the Guinness Book of Records as there are other young leaders in the world, who manage national economies and politics with innovation and fair play. After 10 years, the 39-year-old must feel tired of speaking to thousands of pawns that pack the auditorium, hanging onto his every word.

North Korea to glorify Kim Jong-un’s era

The 5th Conference of the Frontrunners in the Three Revolutions, which kicked off in Pyongyang on November 18, closed with the adoption of an appeal that calls for the glorification of "the great era of Kim Jong-un".