BNP said zia did not write the article sent to a US newspaper
Press Trust of India
Dhaka, 4 July
An article by Bangladesh’s main Opposition BNP chief Khaleda Zia in a US daily seeking sanctions against the country to save democracy has sparked a political row.
However, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) has said Ms Zia did not send any article to the Washington Times even though the newspaper said it published the commentary only after being sure about its author.
“It (the article) was not her’s … it may be a case of forgery under a plot,” BNP spokesman Rizvi Ahmed told during a Press conference yesterday as ruling Awami League demanded Ms Zia’s apology to the nation saying no question of doubt could arise that she wrote the article.
Mr Rizvi, also the joint secretary general of the party, said the Washington Times claim was “not
correct” and “we ask you (Bangladesh media) not to make things complicated over the issue any further”.
Ms Zia last week denied sending any write-up to the US newspaper seeking withdrawal of trade
preferences for Bangladesh, five months into publication of the item, as Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina came down heavily on her arch-rival after the USA suspended Bangladesh’s preferential
trading status or GSP over workers rights and safety.
“Some people are referring to a write-up published in my name. I haven’t sent any such write-up to the newspaper … It’s out of question. I did not send any write-up to that newspaper seeking suspension of the GSP facilities for Bangladesh,” she insisted.
But in an instant and sharp reaction, Ms Hasina said “there is no use denying it”.
“I am (Hasina) mentioned in this article 12 times. It is all right if you choose to write against me. But why against the country?”