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Italy deports young Egyptian Islamic State supporter

IANS | Rome |

Italian authorities said they have deported a 22-year-old Egyptian woman who hoped to fight for the Islamic State (IS) jihadist group in a war zone and was awaiting IS orders to carry out a suicide attack on national soil.

Milan’s police chief had ordered the woman’s immediate expulsion from Italy on national security grounds, Italian authorities said on Monday.

In the four years since she arrived in Italy with her family as an outgoing and westernised 18-year-old, the woman had radically changed her appearance and behaviour, investigators said.

She had taken to wearing the Islamic niqab and black gloves which covered her hands, leaving only her eyes visible.

She had no job or social life and spent all of her time on the internet at the family’s flat in a southern suburb of Milan, according to investigators.

Police found contact between the woman and a member of IS, who she had asked to arrange for her to travel to Syria.

Encountering difficulties with the trip’s organisation, the woman suggested carrying out a suicide bombing in Italy instead but had not received authorisation or practical instructions from IS, said the investigators.