UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson may have taken a month to embark on his first trip to abroad, but he was quick to make himself at home in French President Emmanuel Macron’s gilded palace, making himself comfortable, putting his feet up on the furniture.

Never shy to play the clown during his political career, Johnson was filmed joking to the cameras and briefly resting his foot on a coffee table at the Elysee palace, before waving at photographers in the room. Macron watched on, looking amused.

The scene took place after Johnson and President Macron addressed journalists in the Elysee courtyard, during which Macron warned there was not enough time to wholly rewrite Britain’s Brexit divorce deal before an October 31 deadline.

Early on Wednesday, Boris welcomed a potential “blistering timetable of 30 days” to find an agreement with the EU on the terms of Brexit.

He was responding to a suggestion by German chancellor Angela Merkel that a short timeframe for negotiations on a Brexit deal was possible.

During a press briefing in Berlin, Merkel said a solution could be found in establishing “absolute clarity” on the EU-UK future relationship.

Johnson assured Merkel and the public that London will respect the rights of European citizens living in the UK.