A Haven for discerning fashionistas, Kolkata recently witnessed the unveiling of Sculpt — Lakmé&’s biggest beauty statement for Summer/ Resort 2015. A part of Lakmé Fashion Week&’s 15- year celebrations, the event marked the opening of a five- day multi- city tour. This intimate soiree was hosted by Anamika Khanna, grand finale designer for Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/ Resort 2015, and Purnima Lamba, head of innovation, Lakmé, at the designer&’s flagship store in the city.

Promising to conquer runways yet again, Lakmé&’s newest trend, Sculpt, debuted in the City of Joy. Inspired by a fresh wave in high fashion around the globe, the statement originates from architectural design play and emphasises high- definition, bold lips with Lakmé&’s newest range of matte lip colours – Lakmé Absolute Sculpt Studio Matte Lipstick.

Speaking about the Lakmé beauty statement, Lamba said, “The 15- year milestone reinforces our commitment towards bringing the best in fashion and beauty under one roof. Season on season we have welcomed fresh talent, nurtured emerging designers, commemorated recognised names and introduced the biggest fashion and beauty trends at Lakmé Fashion Week.

This season, too, we are excited to introduce yet another international runway trend Sculpt with the much acclaimed, Anamika Khanna.” The unveiling of the Lakmé statement was followed by an exclusive preview of Khanna&’s collection inspired by colours and contours of Lakmé Sculpt.

Speaking about her collection for this milestone, she said, “ This season, the grand finale of Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/ Resort 2015 will see an attempt to infuse Sculpt into Indian shapes. The theme is sculpt and the whole vision came to my head when you visualise things sculpted, moulded, constructed, tailored clothes, and it was a big challenge because we do the complete opposite. And the challenge was to marry them together and how it we were going to marry them together and construct, deconstruct, solid, fluid at the same time.

Basically, it is to bring Sculpt into a slight Indian element. It is not exactly ethnic, but the inspirations belong to us. We are taking Indian shapes and Indian embroideries. It&’s a very edgy, experimental, contemporary modern take on Indian sculpt.

“We are basically working a lot with organzas and also working with dupionis that give that sculptural quality, satin dupionis, a bit of chanderi. We are using different fabrics because each one has a different quality and gives you a different texture of movement when you are working with. We start with whites and blacks, vivid corals, ivory, but we also throw in a good amount of pastels and there is a huge amount of metallic done with a very interesting treatment… not done with the usual silver gold treatment. It&’s a new experiment.

“My collection inspired by this unique Lakmé statement will have a mix of the ethereal and the strong at the same time, revisiting Indian craft. My muse Kareena is wonderful to work with. She has worn my clothes before and she is very stylish, knows her mind and she&’s easy.

She&’s the perfect muse to work with.” Inspired by her classic style and perfected by understated elegance, her store played the impeccable setting for bringing in the 15- year milestone.