US President Donald Trump revealed five finalists to replace John Bolton as the next national security advisor on Tuesday.

Trump said while speaking to the media on Air Force One that he has narrowed the candidates to five persons, including Robert O’Brien, a senior hostage affairs official at the State Department; Rick Waddell, a former deputy national security adviser and Keith Kellogg, the national security advisor for Vice President Mike.

The other two candidates are Lisa Gordon-Hagerty, the undersecretary for nuclear security at the Department of Energy and Fred Fleitz, Bolton’s former chief of staff.

Last week, Trump said that he planned to announce a new national security advisor next week.

Trump had asked John Bolton to resign as national security advisor.

Last Tuesday, John Bolton, the third US national security advisor during the Trump administration, ended his tenure, as his relationship with Trump frayed over policy differences.

Bolton’s exit has rid the Trump administration of one of its most hawkish figures, who actively pushed for tougher stance in dealing with Iran, the Taliban and others.