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China mulls juvenile protection against online bullying

IANS | Beijing |

Chinese authorities have published a draft regulation protecting minors' rights in cyberspace that includes remedies for online bullying.

The draft, published on Friday by the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council (LAOSC) states that no organisation or individual is allowed to threat, insult or hurt minors online with words, pictures or video, the People's Daily reported.

Guardians and schools with victims of online bullying should report to the police or relevant authorities if necessary, it said.

The draft also banned abuse or coercion measures in the prevention or intervention of juvenile internet addiction.

Moreover, the draft intensified protection of minors' online privacy. Websites that collect or use a minor's personal information without proper notice and consent will be fined or, in serious cases, ordered to close.

The public is invited to give comments on the draft through the LAOSC website before February 6.

China has about 160 million internet users under the age of 19, about 23 per cent of the country's total online population, the LAOSC said.