Hello girls and boys.


I don’t think I’m depressed, but I sure am sick of the newspapers these days, ever since the Nirbhaya episode. Every single day it’s another line about rape, and about the misbehaviour of boys towards girls all over the place. Come on, you young folk, can’t you do something major about it? 

Guys, you need to get your head around the reality of your own huge interest in things sexual, and then you need to ask yourself what you can do so that you have some level of control over the instinct. 

One item you just must pass is pornography. It transforms every female you see into an object, not a person. When it’s only an object, it’s hard not to respond as to any attractive object – an ice-cream, a movie, a game. 

When it becomes a person whom you can then see as someone carefully chosen by God into life, an agent of world transformation – as you yourself are – then you can make some progress. 

Girls, of course you want to look attractive. That’s girlness. But if you flaunt it, and are alone, you have to recognize that you are in danger. There is much to be said for the pepper spray, and even more to be said for karate. There is much to be said for knowing how to scream, scratch, bite and hurt. But if it’s more than one, run. 

That’s not much help I know. And to make it worse there are stupid attitudes among our society that blames the girl anyway. Grossly unfair and as I say stupid. 

So what’s left? The law. The stories I hear don’t show our law-keepers in a flattering light. But the ruckus made over Nirbhaya and since may give you a footing from which to wage noisy counter-movements, and shame the perpetrators as loudly as you collectively can. 


God bless.

Brendan MacCarthaigh

98307 85060