It’s never too late to pick up the camera, find two professional photographers, who changed career mid-way. Saket suman catches up with the duo

A middle class European traveler to India is looked at with awe when he is seen capturing the majesty of the Taj with his Canon. Not just the camera but the professional manner in which the tourist goes about taking the images invites attention. It is true that in contemporary times photography has become a trend in India too but the fact cannot be denied that it is still considered as “a hobby for the rich”.
For Vipin Gaur, a fashion photographer and Rishabh Agarwal, a noted wedding photographer, the creative path was not an easy one as they had to overcome the stereotype mindset of being herded into a career. Photography is rarely recognised as a career and is at best a hobby. “But those who are not courageous enough to take risks can’t accomplish anything in life,” believes Gaur, who chose to step out of the rut.
An engineer by profession, Agarwal was a passionate dreamer with an eye for photography. A comfortable job with a decent salary was not something that excited this art lover and after rubbing shoulders with his colleagues in a leading software company, he followed his heart and moved into photography.
He is not sure whether it was a wise decision or not, but he is confident that it was the best decision he made in his life. 
Believing that a great photographer is a great storyteller, Agarwal has been greatly influenced by Indian weddings. “Weddings have every human emotion ever created," he recounted. "I have learnt to put values, emotions above everything else. And probably that’s the only thing that keeps me inspired as a wedding photographer."
Vipin Gaur on the other hand is an ace photographer with a deep sense of perfection. He discovered his passion for photography at an early age but he started his professional sojourn only in 2009.
It was not easy for him to change gears as he was successfully running Veseca International, a one stop creative agency. But it was a classic case of the heart ruling over mind. Gaur&’s first professional shoot was for a fashion magazine and since then, he has never looked back.  
As Agarwal summed it up, there is a difference between success and satisfaction ~ not everyone who is successful is satisfied and not everyone who is satisfied is successful. The two photographers followed their heart and it&’s a reason special enough for them to celebrate!