At least eight people were hospitalized and many suffered from respiratory issues after a refrigerant leak in the US state of Massachusetts on Thursday, the police said.

The accident took place at a Market Basket supermarket in the town of Rowley, 50 km north of the city of Boston. Multiple people showed symptoms of coughing or tearing.

Rowley Police Department said that no one suffered from serious injuries.

Investigation revealed that the leak came from an ice machine near the supermarket’s bakery, the police said.

“It has been determined that there was a refrigerant leak from an ice machine at our store in Rowley that resulted in several customers and associates needing medical attention,” Market Basket said in a statement

“We are glad to report that the issue now has been resolved and after receiving the all-clear from the authorities, we will reopen Friday for normal business hours starting as usual at 7 am”, according to the statement.

“We are grateful for the swift response of fire and emergency personnel, as well as the prompt actions taken by our store associates”, the statement further said.