A 6.4 magnitude earthquake on the Ritcher scale jolted a border area between northern Thailand and Laos on Thursday.

There were no immediate reports of damage yet.

Director-General of the Thai Meteorological Department Somsak Khawsuwan said over 100 small and large tremors occurred in neighbouring Laos since 11 p.m. local time on November 20, Xinhua reported.

“The ceiling lights were shaking quite strongly. I felt dizzy and scared,” said Hanoi resident Tran Hoa Phuong, who felt the earthquake in her 27-storey apartment building.

Schools were ordered to shut down.

Chiang Mai resident Petchnoi Osathaphan said the long shaking left her feeling dizzy. “There are three new cracks at the baseboards and close to the windows,” she said of her house near the Mae Ping River.

High-rise buildings swayed slowly for half a minute in the capital Bangkok, startling residents. Many online videos showed light fixtures swaying during the temblor.