More than 30 people were killed after tornadoes ripped through states in southern US, according to the authorities.

The tornadoes hit Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South and North Carolinas and Tennessee, according to the media report.

On Monday, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency said that at least 11 people had been killed there, while the death toll in South Carolina was nine and that of Georgia was seven.

The storms also caused injuries, destroyed homes, toppled trees, and closed roads.

In January, at least 11 people were killed as powerful storms swept across southern parts of the US, with winds, tornadoes and floods.

Many streams were already at or near flood levels because of earlier storms, and heavy rains could lead to flash flooding across the region, according to the forecasters.

In 2013, six people were killed after a strong tornadoes and intense thunderstorms swept across the US Midwest that caused extensive damage in several Illinois communities and darkening downtown Chicago.