At least three people were killed and two others injured in a shooting in an apartment rented on Airbnb in Toronto, according to the police on Saturday.

Taking to Twitter, Canadian police tweeted, three people were shot dead late on Friday and a fourth injured.

A fifth person was stabbed but the victim’s life was not in danger, police further added in the tweets.

Police did not give any further information on the victims’ identities or a possible motive but they said that the violence happened in an Airbnb online rental downtown.

According to a spokesperson, the dead were young men aged 22, 20 and 19.

Last year, in October, a gunman opened fire at a house party in Orinda, California that was an Airbnb rental that left four men and a woman dead.

In 2019, it was being said that the victims of a 2018 shooting rampage in Toronto that left two dead and 13 injured were suing the American maker of the pistol used in the attack, holding it responsible for not making guns safer.

In March, a Connecticut court ruled that US gunmaker Remington can be sued over the 2012 massacre at the Sandy Hook elementary school in which one of its weapons was used to kill 20 children and six staffers.

In June 2019, four people were injured after a shooting at the NBA championship celebration for the Toronto Raptors.

Toronto is relatively a safe region. But in 2018, the city experienced a surge in gun violence with the number of homicides caused by shootings going up significantly.