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What type of a traveler are you?

Basically, traveling is to rejuvenate, destress, have fun, and reinvent yourself. Every time you travel you must feel a little better on your return to your everyday life.

SNS | New Delhi |

“Humans see what they want to see!” Every individual is different. We all look at the world from various perspectives. Every perspective is different from the other. Traveling is one such experience that is understood vividly.

For some, traveling is a journey to self-discovery, while for others, traveling is to explore newness – cultures, environments, culinary, people, cities, etc. There are also some, who just travel to complete their bucket list or their social media feeds.

Somehow, it doesn’t matter what kind of a traveler are you as long as you are enjoying your own journey and the destination. Basically, traveling is to rejuvenate, destress, have fun, and reinvent yourself. Every time you travel you must feel a little better on your return to your everyday life.

There are various types of travelers in the world, some are a mix of everything, and some fall into a specific category. Let’s find out what travel category you fall into.

The Photographers/Social Media Enthusiasts: They forget to look up to enjoy the scenery in its real state. All they do is – look at everything through the screens of their cameras. Filtering out every captured moment on their smartphones. They travel to fulfill their passion for photography and to create a travel portfolio. Sometimes it looks like, whatever they do, they do it for social media. These enthusiasts travel for social acceptance and attention. Maybe they find personal satisfaction in social acceptance. Wonder if they enjoy traveling or not!

The Tech-savvy Travelers: They go to places to use their latest tech- gear/camera. They don’t care much about the destination as everything looks amazing on their gadget’s screens. Their eyes are always glued. Love to spend the rest of their day viewing their work of art again and again, and editing it over and over.

The Collector of the Moments: He/she is a sophisticated hunter of everything exceptional and exotic. As they research much in advance about unexplored places, they are very well prepared to explore and accept the unknown. They prefer capturing moments in their mind’s and heart’s memory rather than in the data drives. Usually seen talking about their experiences in a poetic sense like, “you can only feel it and cannot express it”.

The Fashion Enthusiast: They own the best pair of shoes, pretty dresses, cool shirts, and branded bags. It’s all about their wardrobe, hairstyles, accessories, and makeup. Know exactly how to pose.  Look picture perfect too. They go to all the common, famous, and touristy spots to get captured in their best fashion sense.

The Thrill-seekers and Adventure Travelers: They are mostly physically fit and very active. They prefer traveling alone or with like-minded people.  Like to hike, do adventure sports, live in tents, visit unexplored and natural places. They don’t look forward to luxurious stays, they are flexible for any kind of situation, and are always prepared for unseen events. The thrill-seekers travel for the satisfaction of their body, mind, and soul.

The travel-dreamers: People who never travel in real but in their minds. Surely, they make real plans, but their plans often fail. Or postpone them only to postpone them further again. Sometimes, their life situations are to be blamed, or sometimes they are too dependent on others to become their travel companions. You will often find them going through their old travel pictures or posting them again on social media tagging them as  “ a throwback to the good old days.” Their favorite places always remain on their bucket lists.

The Party-goers and the Chilled Ones: They are fun lovers. Exactly knows where the best party is at. The names of all the best bars and clubs are at their fingertips. Travel in groups and wait till the sun goes down. Only to party, chill, have fun all night, and sleep during the daytime. Their favorite destinations are usually Amsterdam, Goa, Ibiza, Las Vegas, etc.

The Love Birds: They always want to be together. They mostly seek romantic places, restaurants, and luxury hotels. They can be a mix of everything, depending on their mutual interests and tastes. Traveling together makes people understand each other a lot better. A good way to strengthen the connection.

The Soul-Searcher: Seems a little dull to the world, but he/she is aware of the depth, beauty, and serenity of all-natural things around us. Usually, actively present, and enjoy every moment. While they cheerfully make the most of everything, they understand the value of the now. Easily find like-minded companions on their journey as being good communicators. Filled with a lot of strength, enthusiasm, calm, and stamina, they always carry books in their bags. Prefer traveling alone.

The Pilgrim or Religious Traveler: They mostly have strong beliefs of religion and gods. Maybe spirituality inclined. They follow the trails of the saints and monks. Like visiting temples, mosques, churches, monasteries, etc.