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Weekend bliss in Delhi

SNS Web | New Delhi |

After a long and hectic working week, many wait for the weekend and hope for it to be a little different. Most people spend weekends sleeping, getting over hangover, cleaning the house or watching TV and then there is a sudden realisation of wasting the whole weekend.

Every Friday, a sound of “let’s do something different this weekend” echoes inside one’s mind but due to certain reasons, the weekend is spent at home doing nothing different and productive. If you are in Delhi and wish to spend the weekend exploring something new then here is a list of events that you can witness this weekend and have a blast.

Jazz Utsav

For the love of Jazz and Jazz lovers, Jazz Utsav 2017 will be held on February 19 from 4:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Pre-book your tickets and get grooving this Sunday at One Golden Mile, Netaji Nagar.


The annual Urdu poetry festival kicked off in the national capital on February 17. This fiesta includes a cluster of various festivals. A nice line up of guests with attractive stalls is a must try if you want to feed your creative soul and also if you are a fan of Urdu poets.

Phulkari-the soul of Punjab

Phul means flower and kari means craft in Punjabi. An ethnic wear from Punjab, Phulkari is one of the most colourful and vibrant Indian attire. Witness the craft this season from February 18 to 19 as a part of the great India craft fest at Craft Village, Rangpuri.

Riders Music Festival

This fest emerges from the fusion of love and happiness. RMF represents freedom, breaking of the shackles and living life to the fullest. Celebrate the spirit of bikes, music and brotherhood at Jwaharlal Nehru Stadium from February 18 to 19 this year.

Delhi Polo Spring Season – Northern India Polo Championship

The championship will take place at Jaipur Polo Ground, New Delhi on February 19 this year. Polo fans can score VIP tickets and get their seats pre-booked for a royal experience and unlimited fun.

India Design ID 2017

It is a design and decor feast and showcases the talent of upcoming and established designers and design labels. From product to interiors, architecture to conservation and installation to lighting you can find all at NSIC Exhibition Complex, Okhla Industrial Estate from February 11 to 19, 2017.

30th Garden Tourism Festival

Amidst harsh air pollution, get closer to nature with Garden Tourism Festival at the garden of five senses and let the spring season stimulate your senses and leave you filled with joy and calmness. This three-day long extravaganza ends on February 19.

Let Delhi add colours to your life and give you more and more reasons to smile. Enjoy this weekend and explore the fun side of you and this city.