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Travel to some place unknown

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New Year has already begun and life is gradually coming back to its normal pace after all the celebrations. First Monday of 2017 and mind has started to walk on the track of analysis and criticism. While thinking about all the blunders and bad experiences of the last year, there is a tinge of optimism that drives the thought process towards future planning. Making a list of New Year resolution and a to-do list is a ritual followed everywhere by all.

While you think about quitting bad habits and toxic people this year, consider a better therapy to detoxify your mind and life.

Begin this year with a backpack on your shoulders, enthusiasm and curiosity in your heart. While you sip in the coffee on your work table, close your eyes to breath in the aroma of coffee and smell of new beginnings. This time along with New Year resolutions, pen down some travel resolutions as well.


The first and most important resolution should be to ‘not make excuses’ when an opportunity to travel knocks on your door. In the real world savings will hit the lowest, paid leaves will run out, and friends will ditch you but one thing that will never leave your side is the will to travel. So do not make excuses and pull up your socks whenever there is a chance to travel.

This year, do not cave in to the circumstances and let the wish to travel over power you. Such decisions always end up becoming a memory worth cherishing.

Pick a destination and promise yourself that no matter what, you will travel to that place this year. This destination can be the one you have always dreamt of or just spin the globe and choose one.

Travel is not all about thrill and adventure, it can also be about obtaining peace of mind and cleansing of heart. This year ditch the mainstream travel destinations and explore some untrodden paths.

While you plan a trip this year, make sure you get a travel insurance. It is good to be adventurous and it is even better to be practical and keep a back up.

Life is not a bed of roses and no matter how free spirited and positive you are, there might come those moments where you feel down and out. Rather than doing something that you regret later, travel to get rid of the trauma, pain and hurt.

Even when you are extremely happy and wish to celebrate, you should consider traveling as a mode of celebration. You will definitely not regret and rejoice these moments.

While you go for shopping therapy this year during the sale season, invest some amount in travel gadgets and accessories. This will give you another reason to feel motivated to travel, and you will have a comfortable journey. To begin with, you can buy a travel planner or a journal, a travel pillow, a pair of comfortable shoes, a power-bank, a pair of windcheater pants and jacket.

People wait for weekend every week, for summer every year and for happiness their whole life. 2017 is the year of hopes, positivity and new opportunities. Travel to some place unknown this year to feed your soul and give your heart what it craves for.