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Explore Rishikesh!! To pep up life post-pandemic

It’s time to pack your bags: all you need to do is have this list available to ensure that your Rishikesh vacation is the most unforgettable of your life.

SNS | New Delhi |

If you thought you go to Rishikesh just for river rafting and nature walk, please have a re-look.

 Rishikesh, located in the beautiful state of Uttarakhand, mesmerizes visitors with its many interesting and breath-chilling experiences. Right from giving you ample opportunities for spiritual upliftment to exploring nature and the Ganges to the core, it is a complete package for the tourists, right from history, religion, adventure, and sports to food, etc. It is summer and what best place could be to have your summer break soaked in the bountiful beauty of this place of Gods called Rishikesh.

It’s time to pack your bags: all you need to do is have this list available to ensure that your Rishikesh vacation is the most unforgettable of your life.

Try out rock climbing.

This Himalayan hamlet is without a doubt an incredible place for all kinds of adventurous sports, including rock climbing. Prepare for this one-of-a-kind adventure and put your inner strength and stamina to the test. The Shivaliks then have straight mountains that are perfect for rock climbing. The goal of this exercise is to reach the top of the cliff using natural grips and cables. Although it is not an easy experience, attempt it once while you are here.

Go to the Beatles Ashram.

Take some time to visit this well-known ashram and drink in the highly creative ambiance. After the Beatles band from Liverpool arrived and remained here for a while, this location gained a lot of attention. Here, the band members meditated and wrote a lot of tunes. Later, this ashram was abandoned until being restored to tourists in 2015. It is now known as the Beatles Ashram and is frequented by both tourists and locals.

Trekking through waterfalls

When in Rishikesh, why not go waterfall trekking? Although the concept may be frightening, you will truly love this sport. This activity is unique in that you will begin by walking up a mountain, then follow your course through a running river but against its current. So, if you want to experience something new on your next trip to Rishikesh, add this activity to your calendar right now.

Take a dip in the Ganga River.

If you do not take a bath in the holy Ganga, your journey to Rishikesh would be incomplete. Taking a bath in the hallowed waters of Ganga is one of the nicest things to do in Haridwar and Rishikesh, and it is thought to help believers wash away all their sins. It is this notion that draws visitors from far and wide, and it is the fundamental reason why the Ganga ghats are usually packed.

Paragliding is something you should try.

Try paragliding to gain a bird’s eye perspective of this magnificent area. Fly across the Himalayan sky at speeds ranging from 40 to 60 kilometers per hour. You are in good hands while you soar through the skies, thanks to an exceptional system that matches global regulations and competent teachers.

Explore the Vashishtha Caves.

These lovely caverns, named for the philosopher Vashishta who meditated here, are a must-see for people seeking tranquility. According to tradition, sage Vashishtha was Lord Brahma’s Manas Putra (human son), who endured a difficult life that finally brought him to the cave where he meditated. You may also explore the caverns and practice meditation, making this one of the most tranquil spots to visit.