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Do you travel with happy feet?

SNS | New Delhi |

"We have to find our heart songs all by ourself … It's the voice you hear inside…"

Eighty days, may be not. But, you have been travelling places. What do you find when you journey around? Do you live the 'Life of Pi'? Have you found what you are looking for? Are you looking for a break, a spark, an adventure, or happiness?

Or, do you have a happy feet like Mumble, the male emperor penguin, in the 2006 film – Happy Feet – directed by George Miller? In the film, Mumble, banished from home, ventures out alone for the first time and finds himself in Adelie Land where he meets a group of penguins. Far away from home, in a strange land, Mumble dances away and wins the hearts of many penguins. He makes new friends. He also meets Lovelace the Guru, who answer questions on life for the price of a pebble. Mumble then, together with Lovelace and the Amigos, travels across different places.

As he wanders along, Mumble's happy feet takes him to beautiful landscapes and epic encounters. The lost Mumble finds himself in a completely new world, in the company of strangers-turned friends. His new friends help him be himself. And, he learns life beautiful lessons. One being one can make a difference in the world by being true to oneself.

Well, travelling places enriches and makes living meaningful. And, while there are many lessons to learn as we travel on in this life on this planet, the next time you travel, may you find the song of the heart and bring home the story of happy feet like Mumble.

"You might make a different song, yes that's right it's true…"