Telecom firm AT&T successfully tests ‘space-based’ call with regular smartphone


US telecom major AT&T. (Photo: IANS)

US-based telecommunications company AT&T has achieved a noteworthy milestone by successfully completing the first-ever two-way audio call using satellites with a standard smartphone.


According to Engadget, the call was placed from AT&T’s location in Midland, Texas, to Japanese mobile carrier Rakuten, and the device used was a Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone.



The call was made possible through AST SpaceMobile’s BlueWalker 3 satellite technology, which facilitated seamless communication between the two parties.


“Achieving what many once considered impossible, we have reached the most significant milestone to date in our quest to deliver global cellular broadband from space,” Abel Avellan, CEO and chairman of AST SpaceMobile, was quoted as saying.


“While we take a moment to celebrate this tremendous accomplishment, we remain focused on the path ahead and pivotal next steps that get us closer to our goal of transforming the way the world connects,” he added.


Moreover, the company said the use of satellites has the potential to be a significant stride in improving cellular access, not just in the US where many areas lack reliable service, but also in developing countries around the world.


Numerous regions throughout the US, including rural communities and national parks, suffer from a lack of cellular coverage, commonly referred to as “dead zones”.


The technology used to solve this problem in the US could potentially offer a solution for similar issues in developing countries, the report said.


The report further added that AT&T intends to use satellites as a means of delivering cellular broadband that covers the full range from 2G to 5G on a global basis.