Role of Artifical Intelligence in Call Management System

AI not only simplifies the call management system rather helps in boosting its productivity and growth with more reliable, sustainable and organized traits.

Role of Artifical Intelligence in Call Management System

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Startups and SMEs encounter challenges in their initial phase as they may lack resources, experience, and capital which naturally incline their dependency on technology. Advanced technology like artificial intelligence can help startups to connect with their prospective customers in a simple and impactful way.

Startups across the industry have immensely evolved by seeking AI assistance. If you are also a budding startup, AI can help you a big hand to put a strong foundation in the industry by managing your call system which is the initial step to connect with the customer.  Do you want to know how?

What is AI?


Artificial intelligence is an area of computer sciences that deals in the conception of intelligent programs and machines which work like humans. You can better comprehend with prominent precedents such as  Alexa and Siri, interestingly all of which are artificial intelligence, enhancing your user experience.

Apart from optimizing user experience, artificial intelligence plays a vital role in the call management system for startups and SMEs which have limited resources and higher aspirations to grow. AI assist new businesses with its eloquent interventions of call management explained below.

Automated Speech Recognition

ASR system is a technological concept for interpreting the speech signals into a sequence of words or other verbal units by using algorithms instigated in a computer or other electronic devices. With the assistance of IVR, automated speech recognition becomes a streamlined and quick process. ASR also helps businesses in filtering calls based on their possibility of being converted into a lead.

Text to speech

One of the most significant implications of AI is to transform the customer relationship management insights and data available in the form of speech. The converted text recognizes customer grievances and resolves them. Artificial intelligence facilitates to identify regional lingos, dialects and intricate numbers such as price codes, pin codes, stock valuations and much more which is a unique program. AI changes the text into speech regardless of pitch, modulation, loudness and speech rate. Hence, this process helps startups with prompt conversions for better analysis of customer’s feedback.

Human voice cloning

Voices recorded with the AI system clones human voice which means every time a customer receives an AI-generated call; it sounds exactly like human interaction. The process emphasizes to maintain an organized and coherent flow of call until, it is diligently transferred to the person concerned. Such calls lend a sense of personal touch and professional mannerism while ensuring 100% call attendance. Moreover, these attributes of the process build the positive brand value of the organization and enhance the customer experience.

Effective data management

AI converts textual data into an audio format with utmost precision. A copy of the collected data is collected and safely stored in a textual and numeric form with AI. This facilitates easy data storage and management.

Precise and prompt analysis

Data analysis is another vital application of artificial intelligence. It helps businesses to identify call patterns within a minimal time, helping a business to analyze doubts and questions asked by the customers over the call. Whereas, traditional methods of call analysis do not ensure accuracy and are extremely time-consuming as well.

Enhance performance

Artificial intelligence can be considered an integral part of employee performance quality as an agent manually cannot collect and store data efficiently. Moreover, an agent cannot convert text into an audio format which artificial intelligence can promptly do. With this, AI optimizes productivity and quality of agent performance and makes the process a cakewalk.

Offers a personal touch

Artificial intelligence is equipped with an inbuilt voice analyst operator which generates voice like a human. When a customer calls and listens to the voice resembling a human, they feel the authenticity and personal greetings. The customer, therefore, continues to listen to the AI instructions and go forward explaining their concerns which helps a business to apprehend the behavior of the customer efficiently.

Considering the implications of artificial intelligence, we can figure out how startups and SMEs can get extremely benefitted by using this technology in terms of cutting-down running cost, optimizing productivity and efficient management. It not only simplifies the call management system rather helps in boosting its productivity and growth with more reliable, sustainable and organized traits.

(Ankit Jain, Founder-My Operator)