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Partial solar eclipse 2018: Know time, place where it will be visible

SNS | New Delhi |

Days after the Super Blue Blood Moon captivated stargazers around the world, a partial solar eclipse will leave people spellbound in parts of the world.

According to, the partial solar eclipse will be visible on Thursday, 15 February, in southern South America.

People in certain locations in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay, and in Antarctica will be able to see the Moon covering the Sun partially, casting a shadow on Earth.

The partial solar eclipse will also be visible from some areas of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

What about India? The eclipse will not be visible in the country but enthusiasts might be able to see it live on NASA’s official Twitter handle or YouTube account. The American space agency has, however, not made any mention of such a broadcast.

The eclipse will start at 12.25 am (25 minutes past midnight) on 16 February and end at 4.17 am. It will be at its zenith at 2.21 am.

It should be noted that partial solar eclipses are particularly dangerous to the naked eye, which is why scientists recommend the use of special filters.