”Optimised” iOS 7.1 for iPhone4 not fast as iOS 6

Apple officially rolled out its iOS 7.1 update for its devices, however, the updated OS reportedly isn’t much in favour of the old iPhone 4.

The updated OS included a number of changes and improvements for latest devices, including an ‘optimised’ version for iPhone 4.

Although, the updated OS significantly improved the performance of the phone, it still didn’t match up to iOS 6 levels, Mashable reports.


After a thorough examination of how the update runs on the iPhone 4, it was found that in general, apps run noticeably faster on the iPhone 4 after updating to iOS 7.1, but there’s still a significant gap when compared with iOS 6.1.3.

It was found that if the Camera app takes 2.63 seconds to load in iOS 7.0, it took just 2.2 seconds in iOS 7.1, but that was still slower than iOS 6.1.3, which loads it in 1.9 seconds.

The report said that most of the apps ran faster in the older OS, except for Messages, whose launch time got stretched from 1.57 to 2.8 seconds upon the jump to iOS 7, but is now down to 1.5 seconds.

The performance improvements in iOS 7.1 likely represent the last set of changes that would bring any meaningful enhancement for iPhone 4 users, as the phone is almost four years old, and Apple typically ends support for the most recent version of iOS after a multi-year period, the report added.