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LG launches V20 smartphone with Android 7 Nougat


South Korean electronics conglomerate LG has launched its latest Android flagship smartphone V20 which is the first handset to be shipped with Google’s latest Android 7.0 Nougat for superior experience.

Like its predecessor V10, the V20 also has a dual-camera system and a second display located at the top of the phone. 

"More importantly, the V20 not only retains the headphone jack some phone makers are trying to phase out, but it also packs in some audiophile-grade features for music lovers who like lossless file formats and expensive headphones," The Verge reported.

According to LG which launched the device in San Francisco on Tuesday, it comes with a 32-bit hi-fi Quad digital-to-analogue convertor (DAC) — another first for smartphones.

Quad DAC delivers crisp and clear sound that comes closest to a live performance when using compatible wired headphones.

The V20 has Google’s new "In Apps" search. The feature will let users search for contacts, photos and videos across both Google apps like YouTube and third-party apps like Spotify.

"LG’s new phone will be the first Android handset to ship with a shortcut to the feature on its home screen. The company will use the second screen on the V20 to put another shortcut button to the In Apps feature," the report said.

V20 has a 5.7-inch display, 4GB of RAM, 64GB ROM (expandable up to 2TB by microSD card) and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. It comes with a removable 3,200mAh battery.

It has a 5MP front shooter and two 16MP and 8MP rear cameras.