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Digital learning tools bringing positive behavioural changes in children: Survey

IANS | New Delhi |

Exposure to digital learning tools are bringing positive behavioural changes and encouraging improvements in kids aged between 1.5 to 8, a study conducted by AppyStore, a subscription-based app for curated digital learning content for children, has found.
According to the study, around 28 per cent of parents allowed their children unrestricted screen time and found this had a positive behavioural change and encouraged improvement. A similar view was expressed by around 23 per cent parents who allowed their a maximum screen time of 30 minutes to their children.
“In today’s age digital learning tools give exposure to kids across ages, not only bringing a change in their behaviour but also bringing an overall development in the kids,” said Prachi Chitre, Child Psychologist at AppyStore.
To help guide parents – many of whom struggle with their own dependence on digital devices AppyStore research suggested that balanced and guided screen time is important for kids’ overall healthy development.