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PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update adds sandstorm, Mad Miramar map includes bugfix and other improvement

The update has started rolling out in a phased manner starting today and the developers have confirmed that the server won’t go offline for this update.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) from Tencent Games announced earlier today the rollout of update version 0.18.0 for PUBG Mobile. The update brings several features such as the new Miramar update now known as Mad Miramar, Season 13, new weapon customisation mode along with new classic and EvoGround game modes. Some of the previously known bugs and issues have also been addressed with the update.

The update has started rolling out in a phased manner starting today and the developers have confirmed that the server won’t go offline for this update. However, players might need to have around 1.97GB and 2.21GB of free storage space for Android and iOS, respectively.

In addition to that, players who will update the game before May 13 will receive free Radio, 888 BP and Lieutenant Parsec Backpack for free.

It appears PUBG skipped patch 0.17.5, instead 0.18.0 is being dropped. Changelog includes the reboot of Classic Miramar map that adds refreshed graphics and a bunch of new zones, not to mention, sandstorms weather effects to the Miramar desert map, adds a 2.7x scope to the Win94 rifle, adds the Canted Sight attachment to the game, and kicks off Royale Pass Season 13, among other things. The P90 makes its first appearance in the Arena Mode, and new cheat detection has been implemented.

PUBG Mobile kicked off Season 12 for the game with a major update earlier this year in March. The update (v0.17.0) marked the return of the Hardcore Mode, along with new features and improvements to the Classic Mode.

Here are the complete patch notes for the latest update:

  • Updated Miramar with Sandstorm
    • The map has received visual updates with a few new elements
    • An oasis has been added to the northern part of the map and Urban Ruins is now to the northwest. More housing areas, roads, and resources have been added to the made.
    • Added a race track that runs through the whole map.
    • New Miramar map vehicle: Golden Mirado.
    • Added vending machines for Energy Drinks or Painkillers
    • Added the chance for areas in Miramar and the Main Menu to be ravaged by sandstorms.
    • Added new Miramar main lobby theme and music.
    • Added new Miramar achievements and events.



  • Win94 with 2.7x scope
  • Canted sight available
  • New classic mode content: Jungle adventure in Sanhok (Available soon)
    • Random chance to enter new Jungle Adventure mode while looking for matches on Sanhok.
    • The mode adds a variety of features and challenges to the map.
    • Totem: Find ancient totems and invoke their power for a chance to receive a blessing or item.
    • Jungle Food: Fruit and other foods grow in the wild. Eating them may grant mysterious effects.
    • Hot Air Balloon: Control a Hot Aur Balloon to survey the battlefield.



  • New Customizable weapon system: Guncraft finishes (Available soon)
  • New weapon: P90 in Arena Mode
  • Royale Pass Season 13: Toy Playground (Available May 13th)
  • Cheer Park
    • New social area that can accommodate 20 players at any time.
    • Includes most of the basic Training grounds features and lets players interact with other players in real time.
    • Players can view the information of other players, chat, interact with Emotes, and add friends.
    • Players can team up with other players and play matches in various modes.
    • Players can invite their friends to interact and roast chicken together.
    • Additional activities include 1v1 duels, Hunt game, and Shooting range.



  • Bluehole Mode: Brand new EvoGround Experience (Available soon)
    • Erangel will now have 2 zones — inner and outer. The inner zone represents the next playzone location, but players will lose health if they are in the inner zone as long as the outer zone is present. Once the outer zone finishes shrinking, players will be able to move into the former inner zone and a new inner zone will appear.
    • All supplies spawn with a 50% increase over the Classic mode Erangel map and players can review downed teammates in 4 seconds.



  • New anti-cheating implementation: Points protection against cheater kills
  • New results screen UI

PUBG Mobile v0.18.0 also includes a ton of improvements and bug fixes. For a more detailed look click here.

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