As the Google Pixel 4 launched across the globe, the tech giant decided to ditch the Indian market, announcing that the newly launched phones will not be available in India.

In a statement, Google spokesperson said that the company is committed to continuing the current Pixel phones and are looking forward the bringing future phones to India.

Google on Tuesday introduced a range of gadgets including Pixel 4, Pixel 4XL, Pixelbook Go, Pixel Earbuds, Nest Mini, Nest Wi-Fi, and Stadia, during an annual event.

So far, Google Pixel devices have failed to woo the Indian consumers. The reason being- ‘poor go-to marketing strategy’.

As per Tarun Pathak, Associate Director, Mobile Devices and Ecosystems at Counterpoint Research India still remains an attractive market which the tech giant needs to keep a close eye on.

The premium segment is growing at a faster rate than the overall market and this is, in fact, the right time to scale operations in India. Maybe Google will look at other SKUs for India market going forward like Pixel 3a,” Pathak told a news agency.

As per the reports, the 60GHz spectrum licensing issues in India is barring Google from bringing the phone here. The Google Pixel 4 features a radar sensor, dubbed Project Soli during development, and now called Motion Sense. This allows the smartphone to support air gestures — so you can wave your hands at your phone to execute certain actions.

For the time being, the announcement has brought sad news for the Pixel lovers.

(With input from agencies)