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HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality (VR) headset with built-in headphones unveiled at CES 2018


HTC VIVE, the Virtual Reality (VR) arm of Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC, on Tuesday announced new hardware upgrades that will deliver premium VR experiences to consumers and enterprises with the introduction of VR headset “VIVE Pro”.

“VIVE is investing in the platforms and services that will enable highest quality display, audio and wireless VR for VR content delivering the best of content and experience,” Faisal Siddiqui, President-South Asia, HTC, told IANS.

The HTC VIVE Pro, the price for which is yet to be announced, is built for those who want the best display and audio for their VR experiences.

“Vive Pro offers an immediate upgrade for both VR enthusiasts and enterprises that want to utilize the best VR experience,” said Daniel O’Brien, GM (US), VIVE.

HTC has refreshed its VIVE VR headset after almost two years. The new HTC VIVE Pro can be seen as the consumer feedback upgraded version of the HTC VIVE. It comes with 78 percent increase in resolution of the dual-OLED displays with 2880 x 1600 pixels (1400 x 1600 pixels per eye) and 615 ppi.

“This resolution increase should help with clearer text rendering and overall graphics, and the bump puts the Vive Pro beyond the Oculus Rift or Windows Mixed Reality headsets,” The Verge noted in its report.

The headset also features integrated, high-performance headphones with a built-in amplifier to offer a heightened sense of presence and an overall richer sound.

“There’s a clear need in the VR market for a premium VR experience with high resolution display, integrated audio and the best components available today in a headset,” said O’Brien.

The company also unveiled “VIVE Wireless Adaptor” for a better integration for both HTC VIVE and HTC VIVE Pro.

“A lot of developers in India are involved in creating content and delivering a seamless VR experience,” Siddiqui added.

(Written with inputs from IANS)