This month, Google is rolling out a fresh feature for its G Suite customers, showing a notification to your contacts in Gmail and Hangouts chats that you are away on vacation.

“When you have an Out of office (OOO) entry on your calendar, a notice of that OOO status will appear in Gmail and Hangouts Chat when people try to contact you,” said the company.

Available for only G Suite (Google’s enterprise customers) at the moment and not the ordinary Gmail users, the feature will be fully rolled out globally from September 16, Google said in a statement.

“In Gmail, we’ll show a banner about the recipient being out-of-office and when they’ll be back in the email compose window,” Google added. In Hangouts Chat, you’ll also see a small notification in the chat compose window alerting you that the person you’re trying to message is out of office.

These notices will automatically begin to appear when someone whose calendar you have access to is planned for an out-of-office case. If you’d like to disable sharing of available information to other G Suite apps, you can do so in Calendar under Calendar settings — Access permissions.

Just deselect “Show calendar info in other Google apps, limited by access permissions.” This feature will be on by default and can be disabled in the Calendar settings if you do not require this.