Google accidentally used a Pixel Buds A render instead of the original Pixel Buds image, 9To5Google reported on Tuesday.

The mixup was in a Nest marketing email sent out to users.

As per reports, Pixel Buds A will reportedly come in a similar design but with a more affordable price tag. It will come in two color options – white and green. However, the color combination will differ from the color schemes of the current-gen Pixel Buds.

Take a first glance at the upcoming Pixel Buds A, leaked via an official product poster.

(Photo: 9to5Google)


This small image gives us our first full glance at the new headphones, which is more thoroughly coloured across the earbuds, wingtips and charging case.

According to the report, there can be a white variant of the buds. It moves the external charging indicator to the top as well, rather than just above the charging port on the 2nd-generation Pixel Buds.

The green Pixel Buds A colour exhibited is much darker than the currently offered Quite Mint, more closely matching a forest green than a playful greenish-blue, the report said.

This early reveal in marketing material comes after FCC listings of a new Pixel Buds-like device as well as information from our sources about the product’s name, it added.