Gmail’s latest update on iOS devices has a new image blocking setting to prevent Gmail from automatically loading attached images.

With this update, users can choose to be asked each time whether or not to display external images in an email. The new setting is meant to counteract the tracking services that embed small invisible images into emails to let a sender know when an email has been opened, news portal 9TO5MAC reported on Tuesday.

The update is now available on the Apple App Store. “You can now choose to be asked before external images are displayed automatically. To enable this for new incoming messages, go to Settings > specific account > Images and select Ask before displaying external images,” reads the changelog on the Apple App Store.

The image loading setting which was previously limited to the web version of Gmail might have gone unnoticed by heavy mobile email users of the iOS app. Now, one can get access to this setting on iPhones and iPads.


(With inputs from agencies)