Apple website is now selling the Microsoft Xbox controller in selected markets, where the Apple retails directly and not through the third-party channels. The selected market list excludes India. In other listed market regions, interested customers can buy the product from Apple’s official website. It is likely that Apple will bring the Xbox controller to its offline stores and the third-party dealers as well.

The decision comes after the mobile giant added support to the Xbox Controller to a range of gadgets for playing on Apple Arcade.

As per the reports, the Microsoft’s Xbox controller is currently available in the US on sale at $60 (Rs 4,300) on the Apple website. However, it would be interesting to see if Apple manages to sell any of the Xbox Controllers from its Official site, as e-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon are already selling the product at comparatively lower rates. In the Indian market, the product can be bought around Rs 4000 on Flipkart.

By adding the Xbox controller Apple is aiming to increase its user base on the gaming platform, Apple Arcade. The gaming platform was recently rolled out on the company’s App Store and is currently available for a monthly subscription of Rs 99 for a family under which the users will get access to hundreds of video games.

(With input from agencies)