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  • Easter eggs & YMCA

    Easter eggs & YMCA

    Easter eggs brought memories of YMCA 55 years ago, when the foundation stone of the new YMCA Tourist Hostel was laid by Sir Paul Gorebooth, the British High Commissioner to India. It was a pleasant summer evening and one had been deputed to cover the function. Office-bearers, guests and media personnel were all standing in …

    April 1, 2018
  • In remembrance

    In remembrance

    Moderate may have been the size of the gathering at the New Delhi YMCA but unlimited was the admiration and respect exuded at a memorialcum-thanksgiving service to “recognise” the services rendered to amateur boxing in India by one of the sport’s most ardent devotees, Albert Noronha, who died recently in his beloved Jabalpur. A boxer …

    November 6, 2017