Xi Jinping

China’s Confidence

In the complex theatre of global politics, Xi Jinping’s China stands as a self-assured protagonist, asserting its vision of a multipolar world with a conviction that borders on swagger.

Surface calm

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders’ summit next month in San Francisco will be watched closely by many. American President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping are scheduled to meet on the sidelines of the summit at a time of extreme volatility in the international system.

Myanmar, China sign dozens of agreements

Suu Kyi and Xi also signed a memorandum of understanding for the building of a deep seaport in Rakhine, as well as bolstering cooperation in the security and agri-food sectors.

Voice of Taiwan

The KMT fled there after losing the civil war in 1949, but since the decades of one-party rule ended, it has increasingly emphasised its capacity to manage good relations with Beijing.