Act to stop Myanmar’s unlawful activities

The Myanmar official said while taking the necessary security measures close to the border with utmost caution, Myanmar always abides by bilateral agreements and international norms. It also respects the integrity and sovereignty of all nations, including Bangladesh.

Smooth ride past $450M for H1 bike exports

In 2021, Cambodia exported a total of $630.69 million worth of bicycles, climbing by 20.58 per cent over the $523.04 million booked in 2020, according to the finance ministry.

A few lessons for Rahul

Prince Charles on being proclaimed King Charles III said that he was head of the Commonwealth. He also proclaimed his allegiance to the Church of England, of which he is now head, and to being protestant. India is part of the Commonwealth, and so nominally under King Charles.

UN issues dire warning of food insecurity in SL

Close on the heels of Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera’s admission that the government lacked the wherewithal to purchase paddy, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and its World Food Programme (WFP) has, in a joint report released yesterday (12), revealed that 6.3 mn people are facing moderate to severe acute food insecurity.