Hyaluronic acid, your skin’s best friend in winter

Our skin sensitivity increases when the temperatures start to fall. Your complexion might suffer in the winter, especially if you are sensitive. Skin can become dry, flaky, itchy, and cracked from cold wind, a decline in humidity, and turning up the central heating whenever possible- far from the enviable summer glow.

A Magic Show

Prudently and prosaically, I chose to pass my days in the company of the one person I know to be free of toxic viruses or murderous intentions, myself. I will, I decided, pass my winter days by myself, with the aid of written letters, spoken words and lighted screens. If I needed added salve, I would seek comfort from a redoubtable couple, Tequila and Tom Collins. Then came the snow. The mercury had been sinking the last several days.

Spiced Coffee Recipes for Winter!

A vegan and healthier option for one of the most famed recipes which you should try making at home this winter season. It's a tasty, delicious and very simple recipe to give a festive feeling.

These cocktails will help you fight the chilly weather

This winter spin on the margarita is seriously cozy: the Apple Cider Margarita! It’s tangy and balanced: the zingy tequila and lime pair beautifully with the sweet cider. Top it off with a cinnamon sugar rim, and every sip is a delight. Make the pitcher variation if you’re serving a crowd!

Know the amazing Korean beauty hacks for winter

Exfoliation is very important during winter as a buildup of dry, flaky skin can cause you to lose your radiance and can even be painful to deal with. Gentle exfoliation is recommended via toners.