Seven religious sites to be connected by Waterways in Guwahati

 A Memorandum of Understanding for 'Riverine based tourism Circuit' being developed over river Brahmaputra will be signed between Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI), Sagarmala Development Company Limited (SDCL), Assam Tourism Development Corporation Limited (ATDC) and Directorate of Inland Water Transport (DIWT) Assam in Guwahati on May 19, 2023, an official statement said.

Riverine politics

Thursday’s bilateral deal on rivers in general almost inevitably skirted Teesta ~ the direly controversial waterway that meanders through North Bengal.

Riverine routes

The key driver for both countries as they emerge as major trading partners in the South Asian region would be a reduction in the cost of transportation going forward.

Linking people through river systems

The Indian government has undertaken the ambitious Jal Marg Vikas Project (JMVP) with an investment of about Rs 4,600 crore for the capacity augmentation of NW-1 (Ganga) for safe and sustainable movement of vessels of up to 2000 tonnes. After the MV Lal Bahadur Shastri's journey, Inland Waterway Authority of India is looking to run regular scheduled services on these waterway routes.