United States of America (USA)

Dateline Atlanta

It is an index to the enormity of that tragedy that Robert Aaron Long (21), the man who went on the rampage at three spas in the Atlanta area, has been charged with eight counts of murder in connection with the attacks.

Maritime tensions

Kim Yo-jong's warning is, therefore, directed at both Washington and Seoul not the least in the context of the US and South Korean joint military exercises under way in South Korea.

Age and Colour

The inhuman treatment meted out to the girl exemplifies how even children are not exempt from police brutality and racial injustice.

The illiberalism of the liberals

Right from the end of World War I, the United States has been hailed as the guarantor of the liberal world order. Woodrow Wilson, then President of the United States, is recalled as the first political personification of it.

What if Biden wins?

Police brutality against minorities will continue in Biden’s reign, as it did under Barack Obama’s. There will only be feeble attempts, if any, at police reform. Remember the beer summit during Obama’s time, when the black Harvard professor, Henry Louis Gates Jr., was arrested because he couldn’t get into his own house.

Murky elections

The objective of the hackers and the dubious initiative, called Project Lakhta, was to sow discord, incite civil unrest and polarise Americans with social media posts that dwelt on such sensitive issues as gun-rights, immigration, the Confederate flag and race relations.